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This page gives information about the function of the GeoRecords website.

Using the introductory pages

The five links listed down the left hand side take you to pages giving information about the GeoRecords system. The links are :

  1. GeoRecords home page
    Contact details and borehole browser launch button
  2. Accessibility
    How accessible are the GeoRecords pages and browser?
  3. Terms and conditions
    Details of the terms and conditions applicable when placing a GeoRecords order.
  4. Help and hints
    Help using the Georecords website (this page).
  5. Privacy policy
    Details are given of how we deal with your personal data.
Purchasing boreholes

To purchase boreholes you must first use the navigation tools to find the boreholes you are interested in on the 'Map'.
You then need to use the 'identify' or 'select by rectangle' tools to highlight the boreholes on the 'Map' which will display the depths, names and locations of your selected boreholes in the 'Details' section.
Each borehole listed in the 'Details' section has a checkbox at the start of the row, check the boreholes you wish to purchase and click the 'add to basket' icon. This will add the checked boreholes to your basket, and open the basket for you to view and/or edit.
Only one of each borehole can be added to the basket, if you try to add a borehole that is already in your basket it will be ignored.
Once you have populated your basket, click the 'Order Form' button to place your order.

Confidential boreholes

A small percentage of the boreholes we hold are confidential. We can display the location and name of these boreholes, but all access to detailed data must be approved by the owner of the records. There is a separate Confidential Record Request form that must be completed to allow us to check whether the owner will allow the release of the boreholes. Some are confidential for commercial reasons (e.g. mineral and oil explorations) and others because they are located in sensitive areas (e.g. military sites). As we are not allowed to show the depths of these boreholes, they will be listed with depth 'C'.

Further help

Use these links to get full details of :

BGS Logo and link to the BGS homepage at The British Geological Survey (BGS) is the world's longest established national geological survey and the UK's premier centre for earth science information and expertise.