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How to order BGS GeoReports

1. Find your GeoReport
  • Choose the type of report you require
    Select the report you require from the list shown on the "Choose report type" page
    or from the menu on the left of any page.
    Choose report type

  • View the report and check for availability and price
    Check that the report will provide you with the data you require. Each report has an example PDF you can look at to see if the report will suit your needs and an availability map showing where in the UK the report is available. If you are unsure please contact us.
    GeoReports price list

  • Click the "Order a report" button
    Once you have found the right report, start the ordering process

2. Customise your GeoReport
  • If you have chosen a bespoke report — add any additional modules you require
    You can select as many additional modules as you want, but some module combinations can not be selected where the report would contain duplicated data. Check the boxes to add and remove modules.

  • Select the method you would like to use to define the location of your report
    You can locate your report using a British National Grid (BNG) grid reference, by entering an address (see note 1) or by sending us a siteplan (see note 2). Enter your grid reference directly or use our address wizard to find a particular property by postcode.

  • Confirm that the map we show is correct, select the size and shape of your report area,
    and enter any additional information specific to the report

    Each report has a set of allowed shapes and sizes. Should you want a shape or size not shown, please either send us a siteplan or contact us directly to get a quote.
    Some of the modules require additional purpose and yield information to help our scientists tailor the report to your exact needs.

  • View your basket
    Your report will now be in your basket, you can now :
        Remove any unwanted reports from your basket
        Add another report to your basket (go back to section 1)
        Choose to "buy now" to place your order (continue to section 3)

3. Place your order
  • Terms and Conditions
    Please read and accept our Terms and Conditions before continuing

  • Order options
    Please select how you would like to pay for your order (see note 3) and how you would like it to be delivered. You can optionally enter a reference number or name for this order, we will quote this reference on all out correspondence with you. Please enter your EU VAT code here if you wish to reclaim UK VAT.

  • Contact details and addresses
    Please enter your contact details and address(es) for this order

  • Summary
    You will now be shown a summary of your order including all costs. If the data shown is correct you can now continue to either pay online (with a credit or debit card) or generate an order form to send to us.
    If you chose to pay online you will be taken to our secure payment pages at WorldPay where you can complete your transaction.
    If you chose to generate an order form, plesae follow the instructions at the bottom of the form to complete payment.

  • Order confirmation
    Once you have placed your order you will receive a e-mail confirming your order from BGS enquiries. If you have paid online you will also receive an e-mail from WorldPay confirming your transaction.

  • Order delivery
    Reports will be dispatched by email as secure pdf files or through the post in paper format according to customer requirements. Our "Standard" reports will be delivered within five working days from receipt of order and payment. For "Bespoke" reports (which require manual input) please allow up to fifteen working days. On top of these quoted times, please allow five days for postage in the UK, seven days in the EU and up to thirty days elsewhere.

  1. If you ask us to locate your report using an address, we will use the Ordnance Survey's AddressPoint database to find the grid reference of your property. You should be aware that a small percentage of grid reference locations within this database have some uncertainty in their position.

  2. If you ask us to locate your report using an siteplan, you must use our order form and attach it to your order. Online payment is not available as we don't know the location or size required until we receive the siteplan. We will contact you to arrange payment once your siteplan and order form arrive.

  3. Payment by invoice is only available for orders over £100 (ex VAT)
    Please Note. If your report is required for a third party then they would need to pay by credit or debit card. We can invoice if required, however, the company wanting to be invoiced would have to order the report directly themselves.

  4. This website uses JavaScript to allow you to interact with our maps and data and to add functionality to the website. Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Please contact us directly to place your order if you have any other problems accessing this site.