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Infiltration SuDS GeoReport

£70.00 (ex VAT)

This report is aimed at professionals involved in planning or construction, but it may also be relevant to help house-holders judge whether or not further professional advice should be sought.

It provides relevant subsurface information necessary to design effective infiltration-to-the-ground sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) such as shallow soakaways, infiltration trenches and infiltration basins.

The report highlights:

  • the presence of any potentially significant constraints that mean an infiltration system should not be installed
  • the extent to which the ground will drain
  • significant potential for natural ground instability as a result of increased infiltration
  • the attenuation capacity of the unsaturated zone

The report contains 1:50 000 scale map extracts showing geology, subsurface properties and natural ground instability hazards where present. The report area is defined by a point, around which a 50m search area is applied.

This GeoReport is generated for a point-location and the text within the GeoReport will refer to the suitability of the ground at that point. We suggest that we take a point central to your site at the OS coordinates that you state. The maps presented at the back of the GeoReport should cover a sufficiently large area such that you can visualise changes in subsurface properties across the site.

#1 Map extracts are not available in some areas of the UK. See the report availability map below.

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