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Choosing how to locate your 'Natural Ground Stability' ...

Please select the method you would like to use to define the location of your 'Natural Ground Stability' report

By postal address You can provide a postcode or full address. You can also search from partial address details.
Some reports also require you to specify a search radius.
(see note 1 below)

By grid reference You can provide either a National Grid SK 12345 67890 or a full 412345 367890 reference.
Some reports also require you to specify a search radius.
(see note 2 below)

By sending us a site plan Proceed with your order,print out the resulting GeoReports order form and send it to us with your site plan.
(see notes 2 & 3 below)


1: If you ask us to locate your report using an address, we will use the Ordnance Survey's AddressPoint database to find the grid reference of your property. You should be aware that a small percentage of grid reference locations within this database have some uncertainty in their position. You are, therefore, always recommended to double check the location of your GeoReport by using the map included in the report, and by using other more detailed maps if you can. If you are in any doubt as to the accuracy of the location, please contact us.

2: Not all reports are available for all locations, BGS Enquiries will contact you if your selected reports are not available.

3: Please note for large sites or linear routes additional charges may apply.