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3D Geological Models from the British Geological Survey

The British Geological Survey's National Geological Model is a 3D representation of the UK subsurface. This model shows not only the geological units at the surface (akin to a map), but also their variation with depth.

Models can be used to identify the thickness and order of geological units as well as provide information about how the elevations of geological surfaces vary spatially.

Currently, there are two types of model available:

    · Deep, regional-scale models
      typically used for natural resource estimates and groundwater studies

    · Shallow, local-scale models
      typically used for ground investigations, groundwater studies and tunnelling projects

Model coverage will increase over time as we load more models, so please visit us regularly.

Use the Model Browser to view our 3D geological model coverage and explore what outputs are available.

3D Geological Model Outputs

Synthetic Borehole Reports £10.00 (+VAT)

Place a point on a map and obtain a prediction of the depths of the modelled units at that location. Download an Example Synthetic Borehole Report (PDF 903KB)

Cross Section Reports £30.00 (+VAT)

Place two points on a map to define a line and obtain a predicted cross section of the modelled geological units. Download an Example Cross Section Report (PDF 963KB)

Horizontal Section Reports £30.00 (+VAT)

Select a rectangular area on a map and obtain a geological map at an elevation below the ground surface. Download an Example Horizontal Section Report (PDF 896KB)

3D Geological Model Data

Geological unit surfaces, thicknesses and 3D grids can be exported from the models and licensed in GIS/text formats. Some models can be delivered in interactive 3D viewers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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