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Terms and Conditions

Our guarantee

The BGS will make reasonable endeavours to ensure that the records you order are delivered promptly and at a reasonable cost. If you find that your purchase does not match what you have ordered, you will be provided with a full refund for the item(s) if you inform us within 7 days of receiving the item. If the delivery is defective in any way, we will send you a replacement within 7 days or again give you a full refund (including postage costs) if a replacement is unavailable. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

Our enquiries team will be happy to help you if you have queries or difficulties in ordering products or have problems with delivery. Contact details are at the bottom of this document.

Exclusion of Liability

Please read any warnings given about the limitations of the information (see: information about the models).

If the file on which the information is delivered to you is corrupt or is otherwise unusable then please inform the BGS Enquiries Service (contact details below) and we will replace it provided that you contact us within one month of your purchase.

BGS warrants that the information will conform to any specification agreed with the customer and will be suitable for any purpose communicated to BGS by the customer. The liability of BGS under this warranty and otherwise in connection with the provision of the information is limited to the cost payable by the customer or £50,000 whichever is the greater.

Except as stated above, BGS gives no warranty as to the quality or accuracy of the information or the medium on which it is provided or its suitability for any use. All implied conditions relating to the quality or suitability of the information and the medium, and all liabilities arising from the supply of the information (including any liability arising in negligence) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

BGS excludes all liability arising from any errors or omissions in any data provided by you or on your behalf and used to provide a BGS report.

Except as stated above, BGS accepts no liability for any loss or damage which may be caused by the condition of the file in which the information is provided to you, and you are expected to operate suitable anti-virus software before loading it into your computer system. You are responsible for ensuring that the form of the information you have ordered is compatible with your computer system and any other data with which the information is to be used.

Availability of goods

The maps provided on this website show where the various reports are available. However, if for some reason, after you have paid for a report, we are unable to produce it (for example, due to data or computing problems), we will inform you and offer an alternative report or a full refund.

You may not copy or adapt this publication, or provide it to a third party, without first obtaining NERC's permission, but if you are a consultant providing advice to your own client you may incorporate it unaltered into your report without further permission, provided you give a full acknowledgement of the source.

Prices, payment and VAT

Online payment may be made by credit or debit card (but not by charge card, e.g. Amex). Online payments may be made in Sterling, Euro or US dollars. Other payment methods such as Bankers Draft or Electronic Fund Transfers, such as BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System) are not available through the Online Shop but may be available by contacting us at the BGS Enquiries Service address below.

We reserve the right not to supply goods to purchasers who have previously defaulted on payment, or where there is reasonable evidence that a fraudulent credit card payment may be involved.

Value Added Tax (VAT) will be charged in accordance with current regulations.


Reports will be dispatched by email as secure PDF files . The reports will be dispatched within one to two working days from receipt of order and payment. If your order is delayed beyond this time, please contact us immediately.

Lost, damaged or incorrectly supplied goods

If goods are lost or damaged in transit, or have been incorrectly supplied, you should retain them together with all packaging and documents, and notify the BGS immediately. You should do this by letter, fax or email within seven days of receiving the goods: beyond this period we cannot guarantee that replacements will be available. You then have the choice of having a replacement item or a full refund. Please ensure you quote any customer order numbers and include your full name and address in any communications.

Please do not return any faulty or incorrect goods unless asked to do so. We will give you instructions on how, or whether, to return these items, and may ask you to supply appropriate documents.


We would hope that the vast majority of potential problems can be resolved by simply contacting the BGS Enquiries Service. If, however, you are not satisfied that the problem has been resolved or handled to your satisfaction, you may wish to make a formal complaint. Your complaint can be sent to us by post, fax or e-mail. In all cases you should aim to provide as much relevant information as possible so that we can deal with your complaint as promptly as possible. Please also include your contact details in case we need to obtain more details from you.

All complaints should be sent to the BGS Enquiries Service, contact details are at the bottom of this document.

You will receive an acknowledgement from us within five working days that your complaint has been received. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please contact:

Head of Enquiries
British Geological Survey
NG12 5GG

Tel: +44 (0)115 936 3143 (Mon-Thu 09:00–17:00, Fri 09:00–16.30 UK local time)
Fax: +44 (0)115 936 3276 (24 hours)
Email: (24 hours)

When acknowledging receipt of your complaint, we will give an indication of how long it will take to send you a detailed response. In most cases, we would aim to provide a detailed response within twenty working days. We will keep you fully informed on the progress of your complaint, and endeavour to provide you with as full a response as possible as soon as we can.

Legal issues

In the event of a dispute over the description or supply of goods, payment, or ownership, the contract will be deemed to have been made within England and will therefore be subject to the laws of England and Wales.

We regret that we are only able to handle enquiries and conduct business matters in English.

Data protection

Please see our 'Privacy policy'.

If you have other enquiries or problems

If you have any queries about BGS publications or services, or if you have any problems with products or our service please contact the BGS Enquiries Service at the address given below. Your comments are always welcome.


The copyright of materials derived from the British Geological Survey's work is vested in the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and/or the commissioning authority under whose auspices the relevant work was carried out. No part of these materials supplied through the GeoRecords service may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a retrieval system of any nature, without the prior written permission of NERC, through the Director, British Geological Survey.

Contact details for all enquiries

BGS Enquiries Service
British Geological Survey
NG12 5GG

Tel: +44 (0)115 936 3143 (Mon-Thu 09:00–17:00, Fri 09:00–16.30 UK local time)
Fax: +44 (0)115 936 3276 (24 hours)
Email: (24 hours)