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Clickable index maps showing map boundaries are available for the following map series :

1:10 000 Geological Maps Go to the 1:10000 Geological map index

The 1:10 000 map series offers large-scale geological mapping designed for professional use. These maps offer detailed interpretation of the geology. Land coverage is 25 square kilometers per map sheet. There are two map scales available within this series: 1:10 560 (six inches to one mile) and 1:10 000 scale. The scale-change took place around 1980, so maps published pre-1980 will normally be at 1:10560 scale and post-1980 will be at 1:10 000 scale. The map's publication date and scale is provided when particular map/s are selected.
Map editions are either Bedrock (Solid), Superficial Deposits (Drift) or 'Composite' (Bedrock & Superficial or Solid & Drift). Maps can be coloured, part coloured or uncoloured, this information is supplied when particular map/s are selected.

1:25 000 Classical Areas Maps Go to the 1:25000 Classical Areas map index

Some parts of Britain warrant geological maps in greater detail than is shown on the 1:50 000 scale geological map. These maps are usually for areas of outstanding geological interest, although some "New Town" developments are also included. The maps are based on the National Grid 10km 1:25 000 sheets. For some maps accompanying booklets are also available; these are listed separately under Classical Areas of British Geology Books.

1:50 000 Geological Maps Go to the 1:50000 Geological Map index

Geological maps show the occurrence, nature, extent and stratigraphic age of rock strata in a district. Many maps are available in different versions; 'Bedrock' or 'Solid' maps show only the bedrock geology; for example, while 'Bedrock & Superficial Deposits', or 'Solid & Drift' or 'Solid with Drift' maps show the bedrock geology together with the deposits which may overlie the bedrock. These usually unconsolidated deposits include glacial and postglacial deposits although artificial deposits, such as landscaped, worked and made ground are also shown.

1:250 000 UTM Series Go to the 1:250 000 UTM map index

Maps in this series show three sorts of geological information: solid 'bedrock' geology, (S), Quaternary or 'drift' geology (Q), or sea-bed sediments (Ss). These are usually presented as separate sheets, although sea-bed sediments and Quaternary geology, or sea-bed sediments and solid geology may be shown on the same sheet. Other data may also be shown as figures or diagrams.

UK Hydrogeological Maps Go to the UK Hydrogeological map index

Hydrogeological Maps have been published at various scales and display varying degrees of information, from surface water features to water quality, annual rainfall, saline water intrusion and aquifer potential in relation to geology.
They are colour-printed maps, supplied as either flat sheets or folded sheets inplastic sleeves, and are avaliable only from the BGS.

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