Online Bookshop

Online Bookshop

The BGS publishes specialist maps and reports on the geological, geophysical and resources of the UK and several other countries, most of which are part of the Commonwealth. Many of these reports were produced as part of commissioned research undertaken over many years in the UK and elsewhere. For the UK, many reports are in the form of open-file documents.

You can review available BGS publications from 1835 to present using the BGS publication viewer providing access to a range of free to view publications and the NERC Open Research Archive (NORA) to download research outputs from across the centres.

Education and leisure

The BGS publishes its own range of non-specialist books, guides and posters on geology and related themes under the Earthwise™ trademark.

Geological books and guides

The BGS publishes a wide range of books and guides on geological topics, ranging from detailed descriptions of local geology to the geological overview of the UK's regions.

Geological maps

Geological maps show the nature, extent and relative stratigraphical age of the different rocks within a district.

Geochemistry, geophysics and hydrogeology

Publications on the geochemistry, geophysics and hydrogeology of the UK include thematic maps, geochemical atlases, and reports aimed at geologists and other professional users.

Minerals publications

A wide variety of publications are available on the mineral resources of the UK.

Overseas and technical publications

Order BGS printed products including maps, sheet explanations and regional guides.

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