Custom 1:50 000 Geological Maps

Custom 1:50 000 Geological Maps

£36.00 (inc VAT)

A 1:50 000 Custom Map allows you to choose the exact location of a geological map for most places in Great Britain.

Click on the map to set the center point for your Custom Map - or enter co-ordinates below. Click "Proceed" when you have set your location.

UK BNG Grid Reference

Lat/Lon Grid Reference

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Additional information

The maps are printed on 90 gsm paper using UV resistant ink.

Maps will be supplied flat.

A 1:50 000 map face displays an area of 25 x 25 km.

The geological source data displayed in the main map face uses the latest version of the 1:50 000 scale digital geological map data: BGS Geology 50k.