Earthwise™ Books

Earthwise™ Books

The Earthwise™ books cover a range of topics from the influence of geology on the taste of a good single malt, to the causes and effects of earthquakes.

Suitable for the interested amateur, these books provide an insight into various aspects of geology and offer a wide range of information.

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1 Building from Basics - Geology and You

A guide for young people to the way in which geology relates to everyday items - from bricks to cosmetics. 'Rocky' - a young cartoon 'ologist - explores many issues in geology. Illustrated; softback; c.60pp.

Author Taylor, B.J. Collation 25pp., ill. (col)
ISBN 0852722710 Year Published 1996

2 Earthquakes — our trembling planet

Earthquakes are in the news, even in Britain. This book helps those who want to get to grips with all aspects of the subject in laymans' terms.

Author Van Rose, S. Collation 72pp.
ISBN 0852722877 Year Published 1997

3 Exploring the landscape of Assynt [Book]

This unique book and map pack describes eight walks in Assynt, ranging from easy to more challenging mountain walks. The book describes these in detail, explains how the landscape has formed and changed through time, and is illustrated with photographs and paintings which give a birds-eye view of the routes and scenery. [Book]

Author Goodenough, K et al Format Book
ISBN 0852724713 Year Published 2004

4 Exploring the landscape of Charnwood Forest and Mountsorrel

With its distinctive scenery of rolling hills and stark, craggy knolls, Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire has long been regarded as one of the classic areas of British geology.
This book and map pack holds a 1:25 000 scale geological map while the accompanying booklet explains the events that have happened in this area during the past 600 million years of Earth history. …more…

Author Ambrose, K et al ISBN 9780852725702
Year Published 2007  

5 Exploring the landscape of the National Forest

This map and booklet shows you how the landscapes and natural resources of the National Forest have influenced human development from very early archaeological times through to the Industrial Revolution and the present day. Large areas were modified by activities such as mining that relied on the rich geological reserves, including coal, gypsum and hard-rock aggregates. The geology is explored in this pack which describes 10 walks in the National Forest explaining the geology in clear, simple terms.

Author Ambrose, K et al ISBN 9780852726877
Year Published 2012  

6 Fossils — the story of life

This book concentrates on British fossils and the story of life on our islands. Includes details of the great fossil collections of Britain. Over 100 colour photos and illustrations.

Author Rigby, S. Collation 64pp.
ISBN 0852722842 Year Published 1997

7 Geology of Charnwood (DVD) [DVD]

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This DVD describes the geology of Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire and is aimed at A level students, but will also appeal to geology and earth sciences undergraduates and interested amateurs. It includes a number of animations, maps, diagrams and cross sections that help to illustrate the geology and geological processes that have helped to shape the landscape of Charnwood Forest into the form we see today. There is also footage of the Montserrat eruption in the Caribbean, which provides the best modern analogue for the Precambrian volocanicity in Charnwood Forest. It gives a more technical and detailed account of the geology that can be found in the BGS book 'Exploring the landscapes of Charnwood Forest', and covers many more topics. …more…

Format DVD ISBN 600000382X
Year Published 2007  

8 Groundwater — our hidden asset

Many areas of the UK are dependent on groundwater for their water supplies. This book explains clearly how and where groundwater occurs, how it is used and how it is at risk.

Author Downing, R.A. Collation 61pp
ISBN 0852723040 Year Published 1998

9 West Cornwall — a landscape for leisure

This guidebook describes the geology, scenery, and mining history of West Cornwall and illustrates how these are linked to aspects of the natural and social history of the region.

Author Goode, A.J.J. ISBN 0852722532
Year Published 1996  

10 Whisky on the rocks — origins of the water of life

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Malt whisky distilleries use local waters which have percolated through the ancient rocks of Scotland, whose origins may lie in a great continental collision, huge granite masses, the earliest fishy seas, great fiery volcanoes or as far away as South America. This book describes the geology of Scotland and Northern Ireland in relation to the important malt whisky producing districts, and offers new insights into the influences on the taste of a good single malt. …more…

Author Cribb, S and J. ISBN 0852722907
Year Published 1998  

11 Yorkshire Rock — a journey through time

Yorkshire is England's largest county. Everywhere in Yorkshire there are clues to vanished worlds in the rocks, fossils and landforms. This book is an accessible guide to the geology of the county, and is illustrated throughout in watercolours by renowned wildlife artist Richard Bell.

Author Bell, R. Collation 64pp., 21x20cm.
ISBN 0852722699 Year Published 1996

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