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Books from the BGS and other publishers on a wide range of earth science topics.

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1 A geological excursion guide to the North-West Highlands of Scotland [Book]

Published by National Museums of Scotland [Book]

Author Goodenought, K. & Krabbendam, M. Collation 210 x 145; 215p
Format Book ISBN 1905267533
Year Published 2011  

2 A history of the British Geological Survey 1990-1997 [Book]

This report was written as part of the 1997 Science and Management Audit. In 1990, the recommendations of the Butler review were being implemented, and in mid-1990 a further review was undertaken to consider new business opportunities. …more…

Author Cook P J Format Book
ISBN XWQ/98/1 Year Published 1998

3 A story through time - the formation of the scenic landscapes of Ireland (North). Landscapes from stone [Book]

A comprehensive account of the geology and evolution of the landscape of the north of Ireland. Fully illustrated. 100 pages; 200 x 210 mm. [Book]

Author Mc Keever, P.J. Collation 100pp. ill.
Format Book ISBN 1899702237
Year Published 1999  

4 Ancient frontiers. A geological guide to the Hadrian's Wall area. [Book]

Ancient Frontiers is a popular science and nature guide, telling the intriguing story of the geology and landscape of the Hadrian's Wall area and its influence on life and work through the ages.
Easy to read and packed with photos, maps illustrations and information, the book is a guided tour of the best spots in Hadrian's Wall area to help you see and make sense of the impact of nature on human history.. …more…

Format Book ISBN 0852725418
Year Published 2006  



Author LYLE, P. Format Book
ISBN 9780337095870 Year Published 2010

6 British fossils (Shire Books) [Booklet]

A5 sized guide to British fossils published by Shire Books in their popular series. [Booklet]

Format Booklet ISBN 0747806861
Year Published 2011  

7 Geological walk around Cliffe Hill Quarry [Booklet]

This booklet decribes walks around Cliffe Hill Quarry, Billa Barra Hill and in Markfield in Leicestershire and gives an overview of how the landscape we see today was formed through time. Aimed at the interested amateur, this full-colour booklet describes nearly 600 milion years of geological history - and 110 years of quarrying history. Snippets of local history are included, as is some information on local flora and fauna. This pocket-sized guide will be an informative and friendly companion on these walks. …more…

Author McGrath, Annette Format Booklet
ISBN 0852724853 Year Published 2004

8 Geology for our diverse economy (BGS) [Book]

Report of the [BGS] Programme Development Group for Onshore Geological Surveys - a user questionnaire evaluation needs of BGS ciustomers for geoscience information. [Book]

Author Walton, G. & Lee, M.K. Format Book
ISBN 0852723865 Year Published 2001

9 Introducing Volcanology - a guide to hot rocks (Dunedin Press)

Sorry, not available

Volcanoes have an endless fascination. Their eruptions are a regular reminder of the power of nature and our vulnerability to this raw geological phenomenon, however volcanic activity, and its plumbing from beneath, is an essential element of the forces that shaped and constantly reshape our planet. Dougal Jerram answers the questions: What are volcanoes? What other volcanic activity is there? How do volcanoes relate to plate tectonics and the movement of continents? What are eruptions and why do they occur

Author JERRAM, D ISBN 9781906716226
Year Published 2012  

10 Isle of Man - foundations of a landscape [Book]

The rocks and landscape of the Isle of Man tell a fascinating story which began hundreds of millions of years ago. This book unravels the Isle’s complex geological history, explores the evolution of the landscape and how it has been used and changed by the Many people. [Book]

Author Pickett, E Format Book
ISBN 0852723962 Year Published 2001

11 Jurassic Coast (Official Guide) [Book]

Sorry, not available

The Official Guide to the Jurassic Coast is a comprehensive companion for anyone visiting the coast and is endorsed by the World Heritage Site team. Illustrated throughout with stunning colour photographs and a large fold-out map of the Jurassic Coast. This guide brings alive the stories of the World Heritage Site, the rocks, fossils and features that make it a place of global importance. It introduces the key places along the coast and suggests activities to help you explore the area and make the most of the 185 million years of the history of the Earth that is laid out in 95 miles of stunning coastline. The guide is edited by Denys Brunsden who led the bid for the Dorset and East Devon Coast to be declared a World Heritage Site. The foreword to the guide is written by H.R.H The Prince of Wales. [Book]

Format Book ISBN 0954484509

12 Lead mining landscapes of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty [Book]

A superb book on the history, geology and landscape impacts of lead mining in the North Pennines.
Today’s visitor to the North Pennines (which is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and as a European Geopark) may be forgiven for assuming that this is a truly natural landscape. Undeniably beautiful though it is, this is far from a wholly natural landscape and is in no sense the ‘wilderness’ it has been claimed. . …more…

Author I Forbes, B Young, C Crossley, L Hehir Collation 98 pp
Format Book ISBN 0902178202
Year Published 2004  

13 Murchison's wanderings in Russia [Book]

The book is stunningly illustrated throughout with etchings of Russian scenes, and contains a reproduction of Murchison's Geology of Russia map - colour-matched to the original, and at the same scale. His geological cross-sections are also included. All are in a bound box within the book. [Book]

Author Michael Collie and John Diemer Format Book
ISBN 0852724675 Year Published 2004

14 Our corporate history; key events affecting the British Geological Survey 1967-1998 [Book]

This short report presents the key events affecting the BGS over the period 1967-1998 - a period which included the Survey's move to the present location in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.
B&W, 25pp [Book]

Author Hackett D Format Book
ISBN XWQ/99/1 Year Published 1999

15 Putting Queensland on the map: the life of Robert Logan Jack, geologist and explorer [Book]

An account of the exploration of Queensland, northern Australia. Robert Logan Jack was a Scottish geologist who migrated to Australia in 1877 and worked as Government Geologist in Queensland for some 30 years. He undertood expeditions to the remotest parts of Australia and made many discoveries that led to the development of Queensland's mining industry. …more…

Author Jack, F. Format Book
ISBN 9781921410260 Year Published 2008

16 The coastal landforms of west Dorset (Geologist's Association Guide 47) [Book]

A concise guide to the geology of the west Dorset coast. Illustrated with black and white photographs, maps and line drawings. [Book]

Author Allison, RJ Collation 210 x 145 mm, 134p
Format Book ISBN 070730623X
Year Published 1992  

17 The pocket guide to finding fossils in Lyme Bay

Sorry, not available

A concise guide for young people.

Author British Fossils ISBN 9781871189025

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