Mineral Reconnaissance Reports (Metalliferous)

Mineral Reconnaissance Reports (Metalliferous)

Several series of reports have been produced examining the mineral resources of the UK.

Metalliferous mineral exploration surveys are covered by Mineral Reconnaissance Reports and bulk constructional or industrial minerals (principally aggregates and limestone) by Mineral Assessment Reports. These surveys were undertaken between 1971 and 1997.

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1 Airborne geophysical survey of part of Anglesey, North Wales

Author Smith, I.F. Year Published 1979

4 An appraisal of the VLF ground resistivity technique as an aid to mineral exploration

Author Ogilvy, R.D. Year Published 1980

6 Baryte and copper mineralisation in the Renfrewshire hills, central Scotland

Author Stephenson, D. Year Published 1982

7 Base metal and gold mineralisation in north west Anglesey, North Wales

Author Cooper, D.C. Year Published 1987

8 Base metal mineralisation associated with Ordovician shales in south-west Scotland

Author Stone, P. Year Published 1982

9 Compilation of stratabound mineralisation in the Scottish Caledonides

Author Johnstone, G.S. Year Published 1980

10 Copper and molybdenum distribution at Shap, Cumbria

Author Beer, K.E. Year Published 1987

11 Copper mineralisation near Middleton Tyas, North Yorkshire

Author Wadge, A.J. Year Published 1982

12 Copper-bearing intrusive rocks at Cairngarroch Bay, south-west Scotland

Author Allen, P.M. Year Published 1981

14 Disseminated molybdenum mineralisation in the Etive plutonic complex in the western Highlands of Scotland

Author Haslam H W, Cameron D G Year Published 1985

15 Disseminated sulphide mineralisation at Garbh Achadh, Argyllshire, Scotland

Author Ellis, R.A. Year Published 1978

16 Exploration for carbonate-hosted base metal mineralisation near Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Author Cornwell, J.D. Year Published 1996

18 Exploration for gold in the Crediton Trough, Devon part 1 Regional surveys

Author Cameron, D.G. Year Published 1976

19 Exploration for gold in the Crediton Trough, Devon. Part 2: detailed surveys.

Author Leake, R. C. Year Published 1994

20 Exploration for gold in the South Hams district of Devon

Author Leake, R. C. Year Published 1987

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