Bedrock geology UK North (Map & booklet) [Booklet and Map Pack]

Bedrock geology UK North (Map & booklet) [Booklet and Map Pack]

This book and map pack contains the Bedrock Geology UK North book and a copy of the folded North map in a clear wallet.

The book guides the interpretation of the 1:625 000 scale Bedrock Geology UK North map, covering Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and part of northern England. The book describes the rocks and their origin, from the ancient Lewisian gneisses of north-west Scotland to the distinctive landforms left by the last glaciation.

The geology of the UK has evolved against a background of continental drift, collision and break-up. This long and complex geological history produced the hugely varied sequences and distribution of rocks and landscapes seen across the United Kingdom today.

This book and the accompanying map are written for students and keen amateurs - anyone seeking to gain an understanding of the rocks and landscapes of Britain and Northern Ireland.

Book: paperback, 130mm x 225mm, 88pp, full colour with photographs and diagrams.
Map: folded and cased, 133mm x 250mm. [Booklet and Map Pack]

Format Booklet and Map Pack

ISBN 9780852726051

Scale 1:625 000

Year Published 2008

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