Bedrock geology UK North (1:625 000 map) [Flat Map]

Bedrock geology UK North (1:625 000 map) [Flat Map]

The 1:625 000 scale Bedrock North and South maps (the ‘ten-mile’ maps) are well-known to all in the geological community, and are one of BGS’ most popular publications. These maps are perfect for students and for anyone seeking an overview of the geological structure of the UK. The North map covers Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and England as far south as the Lake District.

This new and updated fifth edition presents the latest map data at 1:625 000 scale. Areas of the UK benefitting from more detailed coverage include the Chalk of England and Wales, and the Precambrian of the North-West Highlands and the Grampians. The key has been completely re-designed to allow regional geological complexities to be better illustrated. UK cross-sections are presented on the maps, to a depth of around 15km.

For the first time, the maps are accompanied by books which explain and describe the geology. These books are £10 each if bought separately, but a walleted pack containing a folded Bedrock North map and the North book is available at a special price of £15. Size 111 x 100 cms [Flat Map]

Format Flat Map

ISBN 9780751835014

Scale 1:625 000

Version B

Year Published 2007

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