The Pennines and adjacent areas [Book]

The Pennines and adjacent areas [Book]

The first and second editions of this guide were written by D A Wray and published in 1936 and 1948 respectively.The rapid progress in research on the rocks of the region after 1948 necessitated a third edition, written by W Edwards and F M Trotter, published in 1954. The popularity of this edition resulted in eight reprints, the latest being in 1993. However, the vast amount of work carried out in the last 40 years makes the publication of this fourth edition long overdue. Detailed mapping of much of the region by the British Geological Survey, mineral exploration and academic research have provided a wealth of new data.Also, our present understanding of tectonic processes, basin dynamics and sedimentation is derived in part from concepts such as plate tectonics and sequence stratigraphy, which were unknown when the last edition of this book was written.

The Pennines, the so-called backbone of England, constitute an upland area of natural beauty much frequented today by walkers and tourists. Industrial conurbations on the flanks of the Pennines owe their origins to coalfields that fuelled the industrial development of the region and contributed much to the prosperity of the United Kingdom.Although now much diminished, coal mining remains an important industry.The region’s fluorspar, baryte and limestone are also major contributors to the UK economy.

This book gives a comprehensive account of the geology of the region. It is written for the student and amateur geologist, but will also provide others, such as the professional geologist, planner and civil engineer, with an overview of the geology.The Quaternary deposits (Chapter 8) are described in more detail, in comparison with the solid rocks, reflecting their importance to many users of earth science information and the increased awareness of the importance of the Quaternary Period to present-day global environmental and climatic modelling. In compiling this guide, we have drawn heavily on the expertise and experience of staff of the British Geological Survey, some of whom have spent a large part of their survey careers working in the region. We are particularly grateful to N Aitkenhead and J I Chisholm, who wrote the Carboniferous chapters subsequent to their retirement from BGS. AWA Rushton (formerly of BGS) compiled Plate 2.

This is the first of the redesigned Regional Geology Guide series, and is now supplied complete with a solid geological map of the region described in the book.

Author Aitkenhead N. et al.

Format Book

ISBN 0852724241

Year Published 2002

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