The Geology of Northern Ireland - Our Natural Foundation [Book]

The Geology of Northern Ireland - Our Natural Foundation [Book]

This guide to Northern Ireland supersedes the earlier Regional Geology Guide and provides a completely new and comprehensive account of the geology of the region. Northern Ireland represents a small area of the Earth's surface, but contains a huge variety of rock types, representing many different geological ages which are reflected in the sheer variety of landscape. Landscape reflects the interaction of rock type and geological processes which give rise to the environmental niches supporting the varied flora and fauna to be found in Northern Ireland. br>
This book presents detailed, comprehensive information in a user-friendly way; sites of national or international significance are described and illustrated through photographs and large-scale maps.Published by the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland; 298pp plus index, full colour. [Book]

Author Mitchell, W I

Format Book

ISBN 9780852724545

Year Published 2004

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