Cross Fell area - Classical Areas Guide (POD)

Cross Fell area - Classical Areas Guide (POD)

The 1:25 000 map of the Cross Fell Inlier covers the western scarp of the northern Pennines and the lower ground to the west. The scarp is formed of flat-lying Carboniferous rocks. At its foot a variety of Lower Palaeozoic rocks is exposed in the Cross Fell Inlier; between Murton and Knock, the harder rocks in this tract form isolated sharp-pointed hills or 'pikes'. Farther west, the lower ground of the Vale of Eden is underlain by Permo-Triassic sediments.

The Cross Fell district contains a variety of rocks and wealth of exposures seldom found within such a small area and it has been the scene of classical geological research since the early part of the 19th century. This account of the geology is designed to be read in conjunction with the map, so that the reader is referred to the vertical sections accompanying the map for a general statement of the geological succession, and extensive use has been made of the National Grid, printed on the map, in defining the positions of exposures and other localities.

Author Burgess, I.C.

ISBN 0118807129

Sheet(s) Covered NY53

Sheet(s) Partially Covered NY62, NY63, NY64, NY71, NY72, NY73

Year Published 1974


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