Moffatdale and Upper Ettrick valley - Classical Areas Guide

Moffatdale and Upper Ettrick valley - Classical Areas Guide

The elongate valley of Moffatdale with its steep sides, hanging valleys and spectacular waterfalls is a justifiably popular area for tourists and hillwalkers in the Scottish Borders. The main fault-controlled valley, with its prominent NE–SW Caledonoid trend so characteristic of the geological structure of northern Britain, has been deeply gouged by glacial action to form a dramatic topographic feature which is visible even from space.

In the latter part of the 19th century, the area around Moffat played a key role in the understanding of the hitherto intractable geology of the Southern Uplands culminating in the outstanding work by Lapworth who demonstrated the value of graptolites in stratigraphical correlation within geologically complex terranes. The fundamental and continuing value of this far-sighted work is demonstrated every year by the numerous geological parties who visit the classic Moffatdale locality of Dob's Linn which contains the world stratotype section for the base of the Silurian System.

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