Summary of information on coal for land-use planning purposes

Summary of information on coal for land-use planning purposes

The UK has had a long history of coal production. Although the importance of coal as an energy source has declined, it continues to provide around 17% of the nation's primary energy consumption and about one-third of its electricity.

This report brings together data on coal production, trade, consumption and uses and provides information on licensing and reserves. It summarises information on opencast coal sites granted and refused planning permission, and recommends that a system of safeguarding shallow coal reserves be put in place. Coal exploitation by methods other than conventional deep and shallow mining are also summarised.

This report is available as a free download from or can be supplied as a printed, bound report through this site. 35pp, A4, colour, acetate covers.

Author Chapman, G et al

ISBN 6000001037

Year Published 2006


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