Mineral Resources of East Dorset. BGS Commissioned Report CR/01/138N (for DTLR)

Mineral Resources of East Dorset. BGS Commissioned Report CR/01/138N (for DTLR)

The Wareham Basin of East Dorset contains internationally important but scarce deposits of ball clay — a clay used in the manufacture of high quality ceramics — together with important sand and gravel resources. The Wareham Basin is also subject to very extensive landscape, and international and national nature conservation designations. The constraints on mineral extraction are, therefore, very severe and it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify acceptable sites for future mineral working.

A BGS-led research team was commissioned to undertake a detailed study of the inter-relationships of the mineral, land-use and environmental resources of the Wareham Basin and to make recommendations for the future. The approach and results of this research form an example of where environmental and conservation issues have a major impact on the extraction of minerals. The principles of this study may be applied to other areas where the extraction of minerals is subject to similar constraints.

This report contains a full account of the background to the research, the methods of investigation and results, the potential for heathland restoration and detailed recommendations. The report is aimed at specialists in the mineral industry and planning community.

Author Bristow C R, Highley D E, Barton C M, Cowley J F

ISBN 0852724101

Year Published 2002


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