Barnsley - Sheet Explanation for sheet E087 [Booklet]

Barnsley - Sheet Explanation for sheet E087 [Booklet]

Sheet Explanations provide a brief description and interpretation of the geology of the relevant BGS 1:50 000 scale map sheet area. More detailed geological information for the same area is available via the Sheet Descriptions.

Sheet explanations are printed A5 booklets and are available either singly, or as a pack together with the relevant 1:50 000 scale map, where this map is available.

For hundreds of years, geology has played a significant part in the social and economic development of the Barnsley district; sandstone, mudstone, sand and limestone have been exploited as mineral resources. However, it is coal that has had the greatest impact on the area — the coal industry was the major employer for much of the 18th to late 20th centuries in South Yorkshire, and many pit villages and towns sprang up to provide accommodation for miners. The coal industry has left a legacy of challenging ground conditions including large areas of colliery spoil and infilled ground, which must be treated appropriately when redevelopment takes place.


Format Booklet

ISBN 9780852726020

Sheet(s) Covered E087

Year Published 2008

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