London (Geology of ..). Memoir for sheets E256 (N London), E257 (Romford), E270 (S London), E271 (Dartford) [Book]

London (Geology of ..). Memoir for sheets E256 (N London), E257 (Romford), E270 (S London), E271 (Dartford) [Book]

This memoir brings together information and research on the rocks and soils beneath London’s streets.
It describes the strata, how they came to be there and how they impinge on the lives of those who live and work in the City, thus providing a geological history of the past 500 million years.

London was originally located at a crossing-point on the Thames in an area of dry land where sand and gravel banks were surrounded by boggy marshland.
A ready supply of gravel and brick clay helped with the early development of the city, and much later the extensive tunnel network grew because of the ease of excavating the London Clay.

Underlying ground conditions are still critical to London's continuing development and expanding infrastructure, and this new memoir will be of importance to planners and developers as well as those interested in the sub-structure of London.
Current environmental concerns such as the legacy of contamination, sea level rise as a consequence of global climate change and recycling of water are issues that will increase in importance during this century and this new memoir presents information required to deal with these concerns. [Book]

Author Ellison, RA et al

Format Book

ISBN 0852724780

Sheet(s) Covered E256

Sheet(s) Partially Covered E257, E258, E270, E271

Year Published 2004

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