Newbury. Sheet Explanation plus 1:50 000 (B&Sup) sheet E267

Newbury. Sheet Explanation plus 1:50 000 (B&Sup) sheet E267

This Sheet Explanation and map pack gives a summary of the geology of the Newbury district. Newbury lies about 85km west of central London on the River Kennet, in the western part of the Thames Basin. The surface geology of the area is dominated by the Chalk Group, forming the downlands, and constituting the major aquifer of the region. The Upper Greensand Formation, the oldest rocks found at the surface, appears from beneath the Chalk to form inliers in the south-west.

Potentially hazardous ground conditions can arise in parts of this district from landslip, ground heave or flooding; this book contains information on the applied geology of the district.

This pack consists of the Sheet Explanation, which is an A5 printed booklet providing a brief description of the geology of the 1:50 000 scale map area, plus the 1:50 000 scale Bedrock and Superficial Deposits map itself.

Book and map are supplied in a clear wallet.

ISBN 6000001843

Scale 1:50 000

Sheet(s) Covered E267

Year Published 2007

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