Isle of Wight (B&S) Special Sheet E330, 331, 344 & 345 NEW VERSION [Folded Map]

Isle of Wight (B&S) Special Sheet E330, 331, 344 & 345 NEW VERSION [Folded Map]

The geology of the Isle of Wight has attracted both the amateur and professional geologist alike for well over two centuries. It presents a cornucopia of things geological and offers a window into the fascinating story of the development of southern England as well as an important teaching resource for all levels of study from primary education through to serious academic research.

The new Special Sheet provides a geological framework for further study. Inevitably it will only be able to offer a précis of the huge gamut of information available but hopefully give added impetus to further research.

The island offers a significant workshop for such things as lithostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and climate change; studies that are becoming ever more international in their influence.

The map places the geology of the Island into the context of the development of the southern part of England through time and illustrates the concealed geology but concentrates on an outline of the geology that is available for inspection on the coast and inland and introduces different views on the structure that so readily exposes the Cretaceous and Palaeogene strata.

The enigmatic Quaternary deposits are fully defined for the first time and will add to discussions on the development of the Solent River story that represents a time when our forebears first strode the paths of southern England.

Format Folded Map

ISBN 9780751837773

Scale 1:50 000

Sheet(s) Covered E330

Sheet(s) Partially Covered E331, E344, E345

Version B&Sup

Year Published 2014

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