Geology of Charnwood (DVD) [DVD]

Geology of Charnwood (DVD) [DVD]

This DVD describes the geology of Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire and is aimed at A level students, but will also appeal to geology and earth sciences undergraduates and interested amateurs. It includes a number of animations, maps, diagrams and cross sections that help to illustrate the geology and geological processes that have helped to shape the landscape of Charnwood Forest into the form we see today. There is also footage of the Montserrat eruption in the Caribbean, which provides the best modern analogue for the Precambrian volocanicity in Charnwood Forest. It gives a more technical and detailed account of the geology that can be found in the BGS book 'Exploring the landscapes of Charnwood Forest', and covers many more topics.

Running time is 84 minutes, divided into 6 sections that can be dealt with in individual lessons. These sections are Precambrian volcanoes and Cambrian sediments, Lower Palaeozoic structures and intrusions, Ordovician intrusions, Carboniferous and Triassic sediments, mineralisation, and Quaternary.

This DVD was produced through funds from the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund from the Minerals Industry Research Organisation and the Department for Communities and Local Government. The production team includes 2 BGS staff, a local A level Geology School Teacher, a local geological consultant and member of staff from the National Forest Company. [DVD]

Format DVD

ISBN 600000382X

Year Published 2007


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