Stratigraphical chart of the United Kingdom: northern Britain [Wall Chart]

Stratigraphical chart of the United Kingdom: northern Britain [Wall Chart]

These two Stratigraphical Charts present information covering the United Kingdom over two sheets. They are designed for students and anyone seeking an understanding of the evolution of the environments in which the rocks of Britain were formed.

The two charts present, in total, 28 lithostratigraphical columns for onshore regions of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and offshore regions. These idealised lithostratigraphical columns are scaled against geological time, using the latest BGS Geological Time Chart 2007. This allows assessment of the age and duration of stratigraphical units and the extent of gaps in the depositional record. The stratigraphical nomenclature used on the charts, mainly at group and formation level, is that formally defined in the BGS Stratigraphical Framework Reports and the BGS Lexicon of Name Rock Units. The lithostratigraphical units are coloured according to the dominant environment of deposition. This allows assessment of the lateral extent of depositional environments across Britain and how environments have evolved with time. Symbols are used to denote key characteristics of the units, such as the presence of significant coal or evaporite deposits.

Although designed to present the sedimentary and volcanic successions, the charts also display the extent of the main intrusive igneous phases and tectonic events. The charts are produced by the British Geological Survey in collaboration with the Geological Society Stratigraphy Commission.

They are flat charts (size 1115 mm x 850 mm) and will be dispatched rolled in a cardboard tube. [Wall Chart]

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Year Published 2008


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