Geological assessment : Area GeoReport

Geological assessment : Area GeoReport

This report describes the various layers of man-made and natural geology expected to be underlying your site; it also includes geological map extracts. You can customise and enhance this report by adding modules to tailor it to your needs.

This assessment will cover any area up to a radius of 250 m. Greater areas are available on request for an additional charge.

Areas of complex geology

For areas where the geology is very complex, the reports take significantly longer to write and this is reflected in the price. Please see the availability map for an indication of the area, these areas are shown in purple on the "Report availability map".


Geological Map Extracts are not available in some areas of the UK. These areas are shown in yellow on the "Report availability map" below.

This report is not available in some areas of the UK. These areas are shown in gray on the "Report availability map" below.

All prices include delivery.

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This report contains the following modules (click on module name for example content):

ModuleCost (ex. VAT)
Base report
Additional charge for complex areas***
+ £240
Geological map extracts (included)
Geological assessment (area) (included)
Geological cross section + £70
Geohazard modules **
Natural subsidence + £0
Geologists assessment of geohazard potential + £95
Hydrogeology (non abstraction)
Additional charge for complex areas***
+ £155
+ £150
Engineering geological and drilling considerations + £190
Geoscience data list (included)
** Only one module that is part of a group may be selected for a report. All modules in a group cover the same information, but at different levels of detail. Selecting more than one module within a group would produce duplicated information in your report at extra cost.

*** Please see the main product description (above) for details of additional charges for complex areas.

Delivery Options

Delivery by e-mail: Sent by e-mail as soon as your Report is ready

Delivery by post: Please allow up to five working days after despatch

* Note: postal delivery to non-UK addresses will take longer than five days


This report requires you to choose a location using either a UK address or a full British National Grid reference.

If your site is large or complex you can choose instead to send us a siteplan.

Map/Report Title

This product gives you the option of adding your own title to the report or map produced.

The title can be up to 200 characters long.

Report Purpose

This report requires you to choose a purpose so that our scientists can adapt the report to suit your requirements.

Site Radius

This report requires you to choose a site radius up to 250 m. For areas greater than this please contact for a quote.


Despatched within twenty working days (can be longer for areas of complex geology).