Building stone assessment GeoReport

Building stone assessment GeoReport

This report is designed for users investigating natural building stones for restoration, construction projects or assessment of a quarry resource.

It contains a detailed petrographic description of sample or samples provided for assessment. Stone type is identified and where appropriate provides recommendations for the most suitable replacement stone type and currently available commercial sources.

* This service is offered on request only and may not always be available

** This service incorporates non-standard elements. For example, we can make a site visit to collect samples; site visits attract an additional charge and may take longer to arrange.

Samples sent to us must be representative of the stone requiring replacement, and they should be no smaller than 50 x 50 x 30 mm. Whenever possible, samples should include part of the weathered stone surface as well as the fresh stone beneath. If two or more samples are supplied, each one must be clearly labelled. Any information you can supply about the building or structure (particularly photographs or architectural drawings highlighting the sampling points) and the nature of the repairs to be carried out will allow us to tailor the stone-matching exercise.

To order a GeoReport, please send a completed Building Stone Assessment Request Form and one or more stone samples to the appropriate address below. The form can be completed by hand and posted to us with the stone sample(s), or it can be completed electronically and emailed to us. The completed form will serve as a formal instruction to proceed with the work. Note, however, that the work will only commence when we have received written confirmation from the individual or organisation to be invoiced that they agree to pay for the work (see note at the bottom of the Request Form).

An invoice will be issued once our report has been delivered. Actual turnaround times can vary, so please contact us as early as possible if you have an urgent deadline.

To order this report please download the BGS Building Stone Assessment Request form (MS Word)

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An example of Olivine
Building stones used in Edinburgh buildings
Thin section polishing station


This report contains the following modules (click on module name for example content):

ModuleCost (ex. VAT)
Base report £500
Building stone assessment (included)

Delivery Options

Delivery by e-mail: Sent by e-mail as soon as your Report is ready

Delivery by post: Please allow up to five working days after despatch

* Note: postal delivery to non-UK addresses will take longer than five days


This report requires you to choose a location using either a UK address or a full British National Grid reference.

If your site is large or complex you can choose instead to send us a siteplan.

Map/Report Title

This product gives you the option of adding your own title to the report or map produced.

The title can be up to 200 characters long.

Report Purpose

This report requires you to choose a purpose so that our scientists can adapt the report to suit your requirements.

Site Radius

This report requires you to choose a site radius.


Despatched within twenty working days (can be longer for areas of complex geology).