Landslide assessment GeoReport

Landslide assessment GeoReport

This report is for people who are carrying out preliminary site assessments or who have a general interest in the landslides of a particular area.

Prepared by a geologist with landslides expertise, it is based on an analysis of geological maps, hazard potential maps, records in the BGS National Landslides Database, photographs and published literature. This report describes the geology that might be encountered at the surface or at 'rockhead' (bedrock lying beneath the soil layer or beneath superficial or landslide deposits) beneath the specified site.


This report does not consider the hydrogeology at the site: this would be described in other GeoReports modules.
This report is not available in some areas of the UK. See the "Report availability map" below.
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BGS Staff surveying lanslide damage


This report contains the following modules (click on module name for example content):

ModuleCost (ex. VAT)
Base report £335
Landslide assessment (included)

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This report requires you to choose a location using either a UK address or a full British National Grid reference.

If your site is large or complex you can choose instead to send us a siteplan.

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Despatched within twenty working days (can be longer for areas of complex geology).