Geological Memoirs - Northern Ireland

Geological Memoirs - Northern Ireland

Geological memoirs for each of the 1:50 000 series (and the earlier one-inch series) geological map sheets.

Memoirs contain detailed information on the structure, stratigraphy, and palaeontology, and many have sections on mineral resources, geohazards, groundwater and geophysics of the district.

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1 Ballycastle. Memoir for sheet N8

Author Wilson, H.E. ISBN 0118844571
Sheet(s) Covered N8 Year Published 1966

2 Carrickfergus and Bangor. Memoir for sheet N29

Author Griffith, A.E. ISBN 0118843435
Sheet(s) Covered N29 Year Published 1982

3 Derrygonnelly and Marble Arch. Memoir for sheets N43, N44, N56

Author Legg, I.C. ISBN 0118845314
Sheet(s) Partially Covered N44, N56 Sheet(s) Covered N43
Year Published 1998  

4 Dungannon. Memoir for sheet N35

Author Fowler, A. ISBN 0118844563
Sheet(s) Covered N35 Year Published 1961

5 Lagan Valley. Memoir for sheet N36

Author Manning, P.I. ISBN 0118844547
Sheet(s) Covered N36 Year Published 1970

6 Newtownards. Memoir for sheet N37 and part of N38

Author Smith, R.A. ISBN 0118844768
Sheet(s) Partially Covered N38 Sheet(s) Covered N37
Year Published 1991  

6 products found

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