Geochemistry, geophysics and hydrogeology

Geochemistry, geophysics and hydrogeology

Publications on the geochemistry, geophysics and hydrogeology of the UK include thematic maps, geochemical atlases, and reports aimed at geologists and other professional users.


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Geochemical Atlases

These atlases provide a systematic picture of the geochemistry of the whole of Britain.

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Geophysical Maps

A variety of maps on geophysical topics including gravity, magnetic and radioactivity maps.

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Groundwater Vulnerability Maps

Soil Survey and Land Research Centre / BGS groundwater vulnerability maps of England and Wales at a scale of 1:100 000.

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Hydrogeological Maps

Hydrogeological maps of the UK provide information on major aquifers, including geological and lithological information, surface drainage systems and water quality issues.

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Hydrogeology Reports

Reports on the hydrogeology of the UK.

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Standards and Reference Materials

The BGS has prepared a number of Analysed Standards for selected industrial minerals, plus a UK Reference Sample for bioaccessibility and total element determinations.