Institute of Geological Sciences Reports

Institute of Geological Sciences Reports

The Institute of Geological Sciences (forerunner of the BGS) published a series of reports, covering many geological topics, between 1967 and 1985.

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21 Computer mapping of drift lithology from borehole records

Author Rhind, D.W. ISBN 9780118806091
Year Published 1973  

22 Computer system for storage and retrieval of hydrogeological data from well records

Author Harvey, B.I. ISBN 9780118806619
Year Published 1973  

23 Conodont zonation and correlation of the Dinantian and early Namurian strata of the Craven lowlands of northern England

Author Metcalfe, I. ISBN 9780118841870
Year Published 1980  

24 Data banking of drift borehole records for the Edinburgh area

Author Rhind, D.W. ISBN 9780118801980
Year Published 1971  

25 Deep seismic survey in the Moray Firth

Author Chesher, J.A. ISBN 9780118807388
Year Published 1975  

26 Deposits of gypsum at Hurworth Place, Darlington

Author Smith, D.B. ISBN 9780118806596
Year Published 1973  

27 Detailed investigation of a late-glacial faunal succession at Ardyne, Argyll, Scotland

Author Graham, D.K. ISBN 9780118840477
Year Published 1978  

28 Diatomaceous deposits in Snowdonia

Author Thomas, D. ISBN 9780118805803
Year Published 1972  

29 Dinoflagellate cyst zonation of the English Jurassic

Author Woollam, R. ISBN 9780118842648
Year Published 1983  

30 Distribution of the coelenterate order Heterocorallia in the Carboniferous of the British Isles

Author Sutherland, P.K. ISBN 9780118841610
Year Published 1980  

31 Drift sequence and sub-glacial topography in parts of the Ouse and Nene basin

Author Horton, A. ISBN 9780118801140
Year Published 1970  

32 Electrical prospecting on the continental shelf

Author Francis, T.J.G. ISBN 9780118840026
Year Published 1977  

33 Ellisina Norman and Periporosella Cann and Bassler … from the Upper Cretaceous of Europe

Author Medd, A.W. ISBN 9780118840712
Year Published 1978  

34 Environmental geology of the Glenrothes district, Fife region: no 20

Author Nickless, E.F.P. ISBN 9780118842624
Year Published 1982  

35 Fauna and distribution of the Queenslie Marine Band (Westphalian) in Scotland

Author Brand, P.J. ISBN 9780118840118
Year Published 1977  

36 Feasibility studies for a petrographical data bank

Author Gill, E.M. ISBN 9780118807180
Year Published 1975  

37 Floor of the North Channel, Irish Sea: a side-scan sonar survey

Author Caston, G.F. ISBN 9780118812474
Year Published 1976  

38 Gaborone Granite, Kanye Volcanics and Ventersdorp Plantation Porphyry, Botswana: geochronology and review

Author Harding, R.R. ISBN 9780118806701
Year Published 1974  

39 Geochemical considerations in the choice of a host rock for the disposal of high-level radioactive wastes

Author Chapman, N.A. ISBN 9780118841269
Year Published 1979  

40 Geochemical survey of stream waters and stream sediments from the Cheviot area

Author Haslam, H.W. ISBN 9780118807302
Year Published 1975  

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