Mineral Reconnaissance Reports (Metalliferous)

Mineral Reconnaissance Reports (Metalliferous)

Several series of reports have been produced examining the mineral resources of the UK.

Metalliferous mineral exploration surveys are covered by Mineral Reconnaissance Reports and bulk constructional or industrial minerals (principally aggregates and limestone) by Mineral Assessment Reports. These surveys were undertaken between 1971 and 1997.

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41 Geophysical and geochemical investigations over the Long Rake, Haddon Fields, Derbyshire

Author Brown, M.J. Year Published 1982

43 Geophysical field techniques for mineral exploration

Author Burley, A.J. Year Published 1978

44 Geophysical investigation along parts of the Dent and Augill Faults

Author Cornwell, J.D.  

46 Geophysical investigations in Swaledale, north Yorkshire

Author Evans, A.D. Year Published 1982

47 Geophysical investigations in the Closehouse-Lunedale area

Author Cornwell, J.D. Year Published 1979

48 Geophysical surveys around Talnotry mine, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

Author Parker, M.E. Year Published 1977

49 Geophysical surveys in part of the Halkyn-Minera mining district, north-east Wales

Author Cornwell, J.D. Year Published 1982

50 Geophysical surveys near Strontian, Highland Region

Author Various Year Published 1982

52 Gold exploration in the Duns area Southern Uplands, Scotland

Author Shaw, M.H. ISBN 0852722524
Year Published 1995  

53 Gold in the Ochil Hills, Scotland

Author Coats, J.S. Year Published 1987

55 Gold mineralisation in the Dalradian rocks of Knapdale-Kintyre, south-west Highlands, Scotland

Author Gunn, A.G. ISBN 0852722834
Year Published 1996  

56 Gravity investigation of the Middleton Granite, near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

Author Various Year Published 1987

57 Industrial mineral potential of andalusite and garnet in the Scottish Highlands

Author Mitchell, C.J. ISBN 0852722885
Year Published 1997  

58 Investigation of copper mineralisation at Vidlin, Shetland

Author May, F. Year Published 1976

59 Investigation of disseminated copper mineralisation near Kilmelford, Argyllshire, Scotland

Author Ellis, R.A. Year Published 1977

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