England and Wales hydrogeological map (scanned copy) - (POD) [Flat Map]

England and Wales hydrogeological map (scanned copy) - (POD) [Flat Map]

Hydrogeological Map of England and Wales (1:625 000 Scale) This map shows the major stratigraphical units present at the surface together brief notes on their principal lithologies (including some regional differences). These are arranged in the legend by the prinicipal aquifer types, notably: aquifers with dominantly intergranular flow; aquifers where flow is dominantly through fissures; aquifers of limited potential; regions underlain by impermeable rocks. The lithologies are shown on the map by use of appropriate ornamentation: cross sections are shown to indicate the generalised structure along two important sectional lines. The location of key licenced artesian wells and springs are indicated, and phreatic information (groundwater contours) is shown for some important areas. Additional charts show sample hydrographic information for the key aquifer types for the period 1970-75, and a sample rainfall chart (England & Wales 1916-1950). [Flat Map]

Format Flat Map

ISBN 0751811688

Scale 1:625 000

Version HY

Year Published 1977


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