Gravity Anomaly Maps pack (UTM series) 1:1 000 000 [Map Pack]

Gravity Anomaly Maps pack (UTM series) 1:1 000 000 [Map Pack]

While ‘standard’ geological mapping describes the surface and near-surface rocks and structures, geophysical techniques are needed to look deeper and describe the substructure. Variations in the density of rocks have an effect on the local strength of the Earth’s gravity field, and these gravity anomalies can be mapped to aid understanding of geological structures at depth. These Gravity Anomaly maps offer insights into the three-dimensional structure of the country that will be of interest to the earth science community, particularly those involved in onshore hydrocarbon and mineral exploration.

These maps, at 1:1 000 000 scale, are available in packs. Each pack contains nine folded Gravity Anomaly maps plus an index map of coverage.

Also available is a pack of Magnetic Anomaly maps (see ISBN 0751834602), and both packs are available together at a special price of £90 - see 'ISBN' 6000001126. [Map Pack]

Format Map Pack

ISBN 0751834599

Scale 1:1 000 000

Year Published 2006

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