Other Minerals Publications

Other Minerals Publications

Miscellaneous publications on UK minerals exploration.

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1 Geochemical Methods Handbook vol. 1 Rapid geochemical methods for use in geochemical surveys overseas

Author Vickers, B.P. ISBN 0852721781
Year Published 1992  

3 Geochemical Methods Handbook vol. 3 Soil gas techniques for use in geochemical surveys overseas

Author Ball, TK. ISBN 0852722079
Year Published 1992  

4 Glossary of the minerals of the Lake District and adjoining areas

Author Young, B. ISBN 0852720998
Year Published 1987  

5 Industrial Minerals: issues for planning - Litho stock now out of print but you may download a copy from http://www.bgs.ac.uk/downloads/

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Industrial minerals are vital to a modern economy. Minerals such as limestone, salt, kaolin and silica sand provide essential raw materials and chemical feedstocks which underpin manufacturing industry, construction and agriculture. They also have important environmental applications, such as water treatment, flue gas desulphurisation and road de-icing.

This report presents the results of a study commissioned by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on the 'Review of planning issues relevant to non-energy minerals, other than aggregates, in England.' It provides background information on a range of industrial minerals including kaolin, ball clay, fuller's earth, cement raw materials, industrial limestone and dolomite, gypsum, salt, potash, fluorspar and barytes, and identifies the distinctive planning issues relevant to each mineral. The report also provides policy advice and a number of recommendations. Litho stock now out of print but you may download a copy from http://www.bgs.ac.uk/downloads/

ISBN 0852724993 Year Published 2004

6 Primary aggregate reserves - England 1990-2004 (Commissioned Report CR/06/168N)

This report presents and analyses information on permitted reserves of primary, land-won aggregates in England, over the period 1990 to 2004. It provides a strategic overview by English region of the extent that permitted reserves of aggregates are being depleted or replenished.

ISBN 6000001169 Year Published 2006

7 The Economic Importance of Minerals to the UK

The BGS has produced this report for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster (Minerals and Waste Planning Division). The report is one of a number of reports, leaflets and mineral profiles prepared under the Joint ODPM-BGS Minerals Programme that, amongst other objectives, seeks to present factual information and authoritative data on the extent, availability, production, trade and use of minerals that are of economic importance to the UK. …more…

Author Highley, D E et al ISBN 0852724829
Year Published 2004  

8 The United Kingdom Minerals Industry

Author Harris, P M. ISBN 0852722362
Year Published 1978  

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