Overseas Memoirs

Overseas Memoirs

Memoirs produced by the Overseas Geological Survey and Institute of Geological Sciences prior to c.1985.

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1 Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Bangladesh. 4 Vols.

The Final Report is now available, Vol 1 Summary; Vol 2 Final Report; Vol 3 Hydrochemical atlas; Vol 4 Data compilation Also see: Groundwater Studies for Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh. Phase 1: Rapid Investigation Phase. (6 Vols). Order Code: WC-BANGLAS

Author Kinniburgh, D G Year Published 2001

2 Exploration, evaluation and testing of volcanic raw materials for use in construction

Author Mathers, S J et al ISBN 082723768
Year Published 2000  

4 Geology and mineral resources of northern Sierra Leone

Author Macfarlane, A. ISBN 011884136X
Year Published 1980  

6 Geology of Choiseul and the Shortland Islands, Solomon Islands

Author Ridgway, J. ISBN 0118844164
Year Published 1987  

7 Geology of Guadacanal, Solomon Islands

Author Hackman, B.D. ISBN 0118840800
Year Published 1980  

8 Geology of southern Guyana, South America

Author Berrange, J.P. ISBN 0118807714
Year Published 1976  

9 Geology of the Maya Mountains, Belize

Author Garson, M.S. ISBN 01188076X
Year Published 1976  

10 Geology of the Western Cordillera of northern Peru

Author Cobbing, E.J. ISBN 0118841181
Year Published 1981  

11 Geology of the area around Neyaungga and Yengan, southern Shan State, Burma

Author Garson, M.S. ISBN 0118807153
Year Published 1976  

12 Geology of the tin belt in Peninsular Thailand around Phuket, Phangnga and Takua Pa (contains 9 maps in pocket)

Author Garson, M.S. ISBN 0118807145
Year Published 1975  

13 Granites of the South-East Asian tin belt

Author Cobbing, E.J. Year Published 1992

14 Groundwater Studies for Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh. Phase 1: Rapid Investigation Phase. (6 Vols).

Final report on the rapid investigation phase (in 6 volumes):
Main Report
Vol. S1 Review of Existing Data
Vol. S2 Regional Arsenic Survey
Vol. S3 Modelling Studies
Vol. S4 Hydrogeochemistry of the the Special Study Area …more…

Year Published 2001  

15 Guide to the sedimentology of unconsolidated sedimentary aquifers WC/93/32

Published as a Technical Report in the Overseas Geology Series in association with the Overseas Development Administration (UK). This report looks at aquifers in unconsolidated sediments around the world. 117 pages, including maps, diagrams & photographs.

Author Mathers, S. & Zalasiewicz, J. ISBN BGS 6000001762
Year Published 1993  

16 Metamorphic belts of Ecuador

Author Litherland, M. ISBN 0852722397
Year Published 1994  

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