Geological Memoirs - Scotland

Geological Memoirs - Scotland

Geological memoirs for each of the 1:50 000 series (and the earlier one-inch series) geological map sheets.

Memoirs contain detailed information on the structure, stratigraphy, and palaeontology, and many have sections on mineral resources, geohazards, groundwater and geophysics of the district.

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1 Aberdeen. Memoir for sheet S77

Author Munro, M. ISBN 0118843907
Sheet(s) Covered S077 Year Published 1986

2 Aboyne. Memoir for sheet S66W

Author D.Gould ISBN 0118845535
Sheet(s) Covered S066W Year Published 2001

3 Airdrie district. Memoir for sheet S31W

Author Forsyth, I.H. ISBN 011884508X
Sheet(s) Covered S031W Year Published 1996

4 Ardnamurchan, North-west Mull and Coll. Memoir for sheet S51 and part of sheet S52 (1987 reprint of the 1930 edition)

Author Richey, J.E. ISBN 0852720955
Sheet(s) Covered S051 Year Published 1930

5 Arran. Memoir for sheet S13 & pt S21

Author Tyrrell, G.W. ISBN 0852720971
Sheet(s) Partially Covered S021 Sheet(s) Covered S013
Year Published 1928  

6 Aviemore district. Memoir for sheet S74E

Author Highton, A.J. Collation 97pp., figs., ill., plates
ISBN 011884539X Sheet(s) Covered S074E
Year Published 1999  

7 Ayr, Sheet Description for sheet S14W (POD) [Report]

Sheet descriptions provide detailed, in-depth geological information for the relevant BGS 1:50 000 scale map sheets. Extensive references and information sources are cited [Report]

Format Report ISBN 9780852727133
Reprographic DP Sheet(s) Covered S014
Year Published 2013  

8 Ballater. Memoir for sheet S65E

This memoir describes the geology of the Ballater district; the impressively mountainous country between upper Deeside and upper Glen Clova in NE Scotland. The large upstanding granitic intrusion of Lochnagar, beloved by climbers and walkers (and Lord Byron) dominates the area. The memoir describes the complex nature of the igneous, metamorphic and erosional processes which have produced today's landscape. …more…

Author Smith CG, Goodman S, Robertson S ISBN 0118845632
Sheet(s) Covered S065E Year Published 2003

9 Ben Nevis and Glen Coe and the surrounding country. Memoir for sheet S53

Author Bailey, E.B. ISBN 0118801635
Sheet(s) Covered S053 Year Published 1960

10 Cainozoic geology and landscape evolution of north-east Scotland. Memoir

This new memoir provides a synthesis of the Cainozoic (Palaeogene, Neogene and Quaternary) geology covering a large part of the coastal area of Scotland from Elgin to Inverbervie

Author Merritt J W et al ISBN 0852724632
Sheet(s) Partially Covered S067, S076E, S077, S086E, S087W, S087E, S095, S096W, S096E, S097 Sheet(s) Covered S066E
Year Published 2003  

11 Carrick-Loch Doon district. Memoir for sheet S8W & S8E

Author Floyd, J.D. Collation 122pp., figs., ill., plates
ISBN 0118845403 Sheet(s) Partially Covered S008E
Sheet(s) Covered S008W Year Published 1999

12 Central Ayrshire. Memoir for sheet S14

Author Eyles, V.A. ISBN 0118874101
Sheet(s) Covered S014 Year Published 1949

13 Dunbar district. Memoir for sheet S33E and part of sheet S41

Author Davies, A. ISBN 0118844539
Sheet(s) Partially Covered S041 Sheet(s) Covered S033E
Year Published 1986  

14 East Fife. Memoir for the Fife portion of sheet S41 and pt of S49

Author Forsyth, I.H. ISBN 0118801643
Sheet(s) Partially Covered S049 Sheet(s) Covered S041
Year Published 1977  

16 Edinburgh (neighbourhood of . . . ). Memoir for sheet S32 & pts S32E, S32W

Author Mitchell, G.H. ISBN 011887408X
Sheet(s) Partially Covered S032E, S032W Sheet(s) Covered S032
Year Published 1962  

17 Elgin district. Memoir for sheet S95

Author Peacock, J.D. Sheet(s) Covered S095
Year Published 1968  

18 Eyemouth district. Memoir for sheet S34

Author Greig, D.C. ISBN 0118844040
Sheet(s) Covered S034 Year Published 1988

19 Falkirk district. Memoir for sheet S31E

Author Cameron, I.B. ISBN 0118845411
Sheet(s) Covered S031E Year Published 1998

20 Fortrose and eastern Inverness. Memoir for sheet S84W

Author Fletcher, T.P. ISBN 011884511X
Sheet(s) Covered S084W Year Published 1996

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